About the Scholarship

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate law student who has either studied or is studying Administrative Law, then here is a great opportunity for you to apply for Withstand Lawyer’s annual academic scholarship. The winner receives $4,000.

The program is exclusively available for domestic and international students in Australia. The funding will provide financial assistance to the qualified undergraduate or postgraduate students who have outstanding results and whose essay will best address to solve the case.


Who can apply

The Withstand Lawyers Scholarship is offered to;
• Domestic and International Undergraduate Law students in Australia
• Domestic and International Postgraduate Law students in Australia
• Students who achieved a mark of at least ‘”Distinction” in Administrative Law

How to apply

1. Read and understand the case
2. Write the 1200-word essay in a concise manner
3. Prepare your up-to-date resume
4. Attach your Administrative Law grade and proof of enrolment
5. Send all to scholarship@withstandlawyers.com.au before the deadline

Selection Criteria

• All documents must be sent before 1 November 2021
• Length of the essay must not be more than 1200 words
• Academic record, relevant professional experience, scholarly publications and academic references are a plus
• All applications for the scholarship must be submitted with the required documentation


The award is $4,000 for the winner.

You can download the case here.

Withstand Lawyers expects that students submit only their own original work for the essay and avoid plagiarising the work of others or cheating. Re-using any of your own work (either in part or in full) which you have submitted previously for any reason is not permitted without appropriate acknowledgment. Plagiarism can be detected and has led to applicants being disqualified from the competition. The winner of this competition in addition to receiving the $4,000 will also have their essay published on our website. By completing the essay your consent and release all rights to Withstand Lawyers to publish your essay. There will only be one (1) winner. Please note your paper will be assessed by our Senior Immigration Lawyers and Senior Registered Migration Agents.

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