What is a Business Visa?

Business visas are one of the most complex visas to obtain. If you have an investment plan for Australia or if you want to migrate to Australia to own or manage a business, Business Visas might be the best option for you. Subclass 888 and Subclass 132 are permanent Business visas and Subclass 188 is a provisional Business Visa.


Am I eligible to apply for a Business Visa?

​There are 3 main Business Visas and 12 streams. Every stream is designed for different purposes. The common requirements of Business visas can be seen below. You might be eligible for a Business Visa if you

  • operate a new or existing business in Australia and;
  • are nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency


How long does it take to get a Business Visa?

Due to a low number of applications, the processing times are not available for Business Visas.


What are the benefits of a permanent Business Visa?

With a permanent Business Visas you can:

  • live, work and study in Australia permanently with
  • travel to and from Australia as many times as you want until the validity of your visa expires
  • sponsor eligible relatives to come to Australia
  • apply for Australian Citizenship if you are eligible


What are the costs of a Business Visa?

The Department of Home Affairs visa cost of the Business Visas are as follows.

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa, Subclass 188, is AUD $9,455

Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa, Subclass 888, is AUD $2,590

Business Talent Visa (Permanent), Subclass 132, is AUD $7,855


The Business Visa types that you may apply for


Business Talent (Permanent) visa (Subclass 132)

Significant Business History stream

Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream


Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (Subclass 188)

Business Innovation stream

Entrepreneur stream

Investor stream

Significant Investor stream

Premium Investor stream


Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (Subclass 888)

Business Innovation stream

Investor stream

Significant Investor stream

Premium investor stream

Entrepreneur stream


Frequently Asked Questions for Business Visas

Can I get business PR in Australia?

Yes, if you are eligible for Subclass 888 or 132 Visas, you might get PR in Australia.

Can I get permanent residency in Australia by investing?

Significant Investment stream offers an opportunity to apply for permanent residency for an investment of at least $5 million in the economy of Australia. For details, please check the provisional and permanent Significant Investment visas.


Why choose Withstand Lawyers for Business Visas?

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