Withstand Lawyers was interviewed by Channel 7 News to discuss the migration law changes, statistics and community diversity.

Member of the Gandhi Institute also contributed by stating “You are accepted you are welcomed, that’s why I like being here”.

Robert Lu, Senior Registered Migration Agent of Withstand Lawyers, mentions that “If you look at the statistics for the last 12 months, India has overtaken China.” According to the Department of Home Affairs statistics, 18% of the migrants are from India whilst 13% of the migrants are from China and 7% of the migrants are from the UK.

During this segment, it was revealed that in Parramatta and Harris Park, 47% of the population consists of Indian Migrants. Chinese migrants make up half of Hurstville’s population. The statistics note that 31% of the migrant population is settled in New South Wales while 24% are settled in Victoria.

Population Minister Alan Tudge also contributed and expected the number of migrants to be down for the next few years. Sameer Pandey from Parramatta council explained that unfortunately there is a significant number of people stuck in India seeking to migrate to Australia through the immigration law system.

Demographer/columnist Bernard Salt stated that “We do need migrants to fill the need for the jobs and skills in the economy. The 1920s was a great opportunity and aspiration and entrepreneurship and we can actually repeat that in 2020s”.

Additionally to the report and due to our love for statistics, 20% of the immigrant population hold Employer Sponsored visas and 9% of the immigration population hold Skilled Independent visas. The majority of the immigrant population are nurses, medical staff, software programmer, IT workers, construction workers, white-collar management professionals and engineers.

Sydney is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with 39% of our population born overseas. Migration is clearly going to be a key driver in the COVID-19 economic recovery just as it was during the Spanish flu. For that reason immigration law is very important not only to the migrants and economy but also to the Australian community, whether, Parramatta, Sydney, Melbourne or the rest of Australia


Source: 7NEWS, Home Affairs