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We help our clients maximise their compensation claims due to their injury. Our compensation lawyers can advise you with:

Motor Accidents

Work Injuries

Medical Negligence

Public Liability

Superannuation / TPD Claims

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Our Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyers in Perth can advise you on your entitlements if you have been injured. We will help you know where you stand by giving you advice on how to maximise your compensation claim. Our Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyers can advise you with:

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Wages based on your pre injury wage

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Common law

Lump sum payment

Medical expenses

What's the Process?

We will listen carefully to your situation and how we can help you maximise your compensation entitlements. We will make sure you actually understand your entitlements and how to claim them.

Obtain relevant documents to support your claim and maximise your compensation entitlements. We will strengthen your claim to the maximum possible way to show the other side our commitment in getting you the best possible result.

Negotiate with the other side to settle or resolve your claim for the best result whilst keeping you informed and updated. If the matter does not settle with the other side then we will give you the most straight forward advice on your best options with proceeding to court.

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Common claims include

Our senior compensation lawyers have assisted injured workers by helping them claim workers compensation for injuries sustained, regardless of fault, in the course of employment by way of weekly payments, medical expenses and lump sum.  Workers compensation is payable regardless whether your injury was in western sydney such as Penrith, Parramatta, Liverpool or whether it is in Southern Sydney in Wollongong or even Sydney CBD. That is because the law is the same wherever you are injured as long as it is in NSW. Working with a senior workers compensation lawyer will help you understand your entitlements, get the maximum compensation payable and provide you with the best advice.

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident can limit your daily and working life and may cause financial hardship for the rest of your life. You may be entitled to get compensation for medical expenses, economic loss and pain and suffering after being injured in a motor accident. That is regardless whether the accident was caused whilst as a pedestrian or on a motor bike, bicycle or whether you were a passenger or driver in a truck or forklift.  Our experienced motor accident compensation lawyers can assist you to maximise your compensation payout for you to continue your life knowing that you have received the best advice and maximum compensation amount payable for your claim.

Unable to work due to injury or illness regardless of the cause? You may be eligible to receive a lump sum payment under your Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) superannuation policy. Unfortunately a lot of people are not aware of that entitlement within their superannuation policy. Whilst the amounts can be significantly less or significantly more, the usual amount one receives from a successful TPD claim is anywhere between $35,000 – $350,000. This is payable, depending on the policy, when you can establish that you are unable to work in your usual or any other occupation. Our experienced compensation lawyers based in Sydney can assist you to get the maximum possible TPD claim payout.

You are entitled to claim compensation for your injuries whether you slip in a public or private property or whether your injury was as a result of the public or property owners negligence. You can get compensated with a compensation  for your injuries. Our compensation lawyers can tell you where you stand and advise you clearly on the whole process to take care of your claim. The Sydney team at Withstand Lawyers works on No Win No Fee basis, meaning that you do not pay for our legal costs and disbursements unless you win.

Unfortunately not all procedures or advice by doctors or healthcare providers are correct and successful. If your doctor or healthcare provider provided you with negligent advice or performed a negligent procedure, you may be eligible to claim compensation as a result. We can obtain peer medical opinions, provide you with advice, clarity and peace of mind and claim the maximum compensation to help you move forward

Frequently Asked Questions?

Claims for lump sum compensation for injuries are based your permanent impairment. In order to receive compensation by way of a lump sum, your physical injuries need to be 11% whole person impairment or greater. If you have primary psychological injuries, 15% is the limit to claim lump sum compensation. You are not entitled to receive permanent impairment compensation for secondary psychological injuries.

If your injuries are assessed at 15% whole person impairment or greater and the injuries were as a result of your employers’ negligence, you may be able to make a work injury damages claim. A work injury damages claim allows for you to claim your future loss of earnings until the age of retirement by way of a lump sum payment. That means that the insurer would essentially pay an advanced amount based on your capacity to work and your pre accident wages until the age of retirement. Sometimes it may not be the best decision to settle a work injury damages claim because your medical expenses would no longer be covered by the insurance company.

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Why trust Withstand Lawyers?

Workers compensation arises out of an injury and/or illness as a result of an injury in the course of employment. This means that you are either physically in pain and/or psychologically suffering. Let us simplify the legal process to you simply and in an easy to understand way. Our experienced Workers Compensation Lawyers can assist you to get the best workers compensation payout possible on No Win No Fee basis.