If you’ve been injured at work or in the course of employment you are entitled to compensation.  Workers compensation is a no-fault system which means you are entitled to compensation even if it an accident on your part or your fault.

What am I entitled too?


You are entitled to certain percentages of your wage depending on the weeks associated with the wages you are claiming.

Treatment expenses

You are entitled to be covered for reasonable and necessary treatment expenses relating to the injuries you sustained.

Lump sum

If you have been assessed over 10% whole person impairment by an Independent Medical Examination then you are entitled to a compensation payment depending on the percentage you receive. Each percentage equals a separate amount.

Common Law

If you have been assessed at 15% whole person impairment or more you may also be entitled to a payout for your future loss of earnings if negligence can be established. That means that your injury occurred because of the negligence of your employer.


The procedure for workers compensation claims are usually that you notify your employer and doctor and complete a Work Injury Claim Form if necessary. Once a Claim Form is complete and your sent to your employer, the insurance company must be notified within 7 days by your employer. An insurance company representative would then be in touch with you to discuss their decision on liability which means whether or not they accept your claim. If they do not accept your claim you should contact a lawyer for legal advice and assistance on advising you where you stand. Even if your claim is accepted you may have a lump sum or common law claim that you should investigate to ensure you understand your entitlements.


You do not pay for our legal costs and disbursements for workers compensation claims out of pocket as our legal fees and disbursements are covered by the Workers Independent Review Office (WIRO).  For common law claims you also do not pay legal costs and disbursements out of pocket, however, our legal fees and disbursements are deducted upon successful completion of your matter. That means if you do not win you do not pay.

Time limits

There are time limits that apply so do call us to discuss your entitlements compensation along with explaining our no win no fee policy in detail.

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