Defamation Lawyers Sydney

Defamation Lawyers Sydney

Defamation and complete assistance in the Sydney wide region

What is defamation?

Defamation occurs when an individual communicates, by words, photo, video, portraits, and illustrations or by any other means that might have a negative effect on another individual or that can cause damage to their reputation. It also includes any damage caused by a person over the internet. This is the definition, but what exactly is the law of defamation? It includes a common set of law and principles that has been in action since 2006, the Uniform Defamation Act. The importance of Withstand Lawyers as the defamation Lawyers, Sydney is spread throughout the country.

This is a challenging area of law that demands dedicated attention. We have many years of service and thus offer specialized legal advice. We offer different varieties of services across the Sydney area and its surrounding suburbs. The legal services involved in the process include the following:

  • Advises to the people and companies that is believed to be defamed by the other party.
  • Counsels persons or companies who are suspected to have published any kind of defamatory material.
  • Letters of demand are prepared and send.
  • If possible, prepares and consider offering to make amends.
  • Preparation and delivering of Concerns notices.
  • Advises the party to make apologies or withdrawals.
  • Work in favour of the one who gave initiated defamation charges.
  • Acts for defendants who are prosecuted for defamation.
  • Advises on alternate claims that includes adverse story and for misleading and false conduct
  • Also advises the documents, articles or book publishers about the material they are planning to publish.

Withstand Defamation Lawyers, Sydney are proud to let you know that no matter what the cases are, we ready to fight for you.

What are the initial steps in the defamation claims process?

  • The very first step includes a preliminary assessment through phone call where we analyse whether your claim comes under the category of defamation and whether it is worth proceeding with. In case it can be solved within the premises, we will advise you that.
  • Once we determine that your problem is worth proceeding with, the next step is initiated. It involves us creating and sending a cease and desist letter to the offender of the particular case. It is not applicable to all cases and may not be the appropriate choice.
  • We will proceed to court only when the cease and desist letter fails to provide the desired response from the defendant.

Withstand Lawyers has been offering professional legal services and solution to the people of Sydney for many years. Since that time, we have exponentially expanded personally and business wise with a wide variety of top end services to offer to our clients. We always strive to provide one of the best outcomes by providing a comprehensive range of options for the people.

It is the unrivalled method of action of giving personalised and attention to detail in each and every matter, which aided us to be what we are today. We always try our level best to achieve positive results for our clients, making us the most favourite defamation Lawyers, Sydney has ever encountered. We have always been retained by thousands of clients over these years and most of them were word-of-mouth referrals. Such recurring moments are what keeps us going, and to fight for the people of Sydney.