What is a Subclass 186 Visa?

It is an employer nominated visa for a skilled occupation that is currently on the Department’s Skilled Occupation List. If approved, the skilled applicant will be able to obtain permanent residency in Australia. The subclass consists of 3 streams:

  • Direct Entry Stream
  • Temporary Residence Transition stream
  • Labour Agreement

The visa applicant can be onshore or offshore at the time of applying for the visa and can include dependents (spouse/de facto partner and/or child/ren).

What are the 186 visa benefits?

  • If approved, work, live and study in Australia permanently without any conditions.
  • Eligible to enrol in Medicare
  • The opportunity to apply for citizenship once eligible
  • Travel facility for 5 years without restriction
  • Sponsor family for temporary or permanent visas

Eligibility & Requirements for the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Subclass 186)?

  • Must be nominated by an Australian employer
  • Have not reached the age of 45 (unless an exemption applies)
  • Meet the skills, qualifications and language requirements
  • Meet health and character requirements

Temporary Residence Transition Stream

Primarily for eligible Subclass 457/482 visa holders. Must have worked for a minimum of two or three years in the same skilled occupation with their employer, who must have offered them a permanent position.

Direct Entry Stream

For applicants who are highly skilled and will be able to obtain a positive skills assessment for an occupation on the Department’s current Skilled Occupation List. Must also have at least 3 years full-time work experience post qualification.

Labour Agreement Stream

Primarily only for visa holders who obtained a Subclass 457/482 visa through a Labour Agreement (LA) and the LA has provisions to apply for permanent residency.

What are the English language requirements?

The primary applicant must have competent English, which means have a score in an English test such as IELTS for at least 6 for each of the 4 components. Citizens of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland are exempt. Secondary applicants over the age of 18 must also demonstrate a functional level of English or pay the second visa application charge (VAC) of $4,890.

How can I apply for an Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Subclass 186)?

  1. Assess your eligibility with Withstand Lawyers to ensure you meet the visa requirements. Call us today on 1800 952 901
  2. Ensure that your employer is prepared to nominate you for a Subclass 186 visa. Withstand Lawyers can assist your employer with the Subclass 186 nomination application.
  3. Gather your documents for the visa application using our comprehensive and tailored checklist of documents
  4. Lodge your Application and ensure post-lodgement requirements are arranged such as completion of medical examinations
  5. Wait for a decision

How much does the 186 visa cost?

From AUD4,045.00.

What is the 186 visa processing time?

  • Direct Entry Stream: 5 – 12 months
  • Temporary Residence Transition stream: 6 – 12 months
  • Labour Agreement: case by case at time priority will be given

Why choose Withstand Lawyers for your 186 visa?

Australia’s immigration laws are complex and everchanging. It can be challenging to discern the appropriate pathways to get the best possible outcome. Our immigration lawyers and Registered Migration Agents have significant amounts of training, expertise, and experience working with this type of visa. We will be able to streamline the process for both your Australian employer and yourself to ensure applications are submitted to the Department as decision-ready.

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