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You need a lawyer when you are not able to come to an agreement with your partner or ex-partner or when you want your family or property arrangements sorted efficiently and effectively. Know this, what you are trying to achieve is what the law is. For example when a Court makes Parenting orders, its made in the best interests of the child and when a Court makes Property orders, its made on the basis of being just and equitable. However, you do need the right family law lawyer to ensure the Court can see what is in the best interests of the child and what is actually just and equitable.

Our experienced family lawyers aim to resolve your family legal disputes at the highest grade of service promptly and with clarity. Our team has extensive experience, and will give you comprehensive advice about your rights, entitlements and obligations and the various options available to settle your matter effectively. While most family-related matters can and most times should be resolved through mediation and settlement, which is our aim, if your matter does go to court, our experienced team of family lawyers will explain and advise you on the best way forward.

We will help you shift through the process smoothly, ensure you achieve the best possible outcome and make sure you understand where you stand at every step of the way.  Whether it’s advice or representation on:

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Withstand Lawyers is unique in that you not only have access to strong family law solicitors but that we also simplify complex legal issues for you to clearly understand. This is because we understand that family legal matters are sometimes complicated and intertwined with other areas of law such as property settlement, commercial law or immigration issues, we have experienced lawyers who will give you the clearest advice and are available to guide you and ease the burden. This will allow you to be informed to make the best decision.

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If you are unsure on what to do or just need general advice before you make a call, you have nothing to lose by giving Withstand Lawyers a call or submit an enquiry form. Withstand Lawyers are passionate, simple to understand but ambitious and persistent, when necessary with the other side. No matter how problematic you may think your circumstances are, don’t lose hope – give us a call on 1800 644 541 and we will simplify our advice in a way that will assist you in regaining control of your life and composure.

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