Understanding that your marriage is crumbling can be a very difficult thing to process, no matter whether you initiated it or were left to face it. All of the sudden, you start to realise how many things will change, and you might fear it is too much to handle. Don’t worry – we at Withstand Lawyers Parramatta will help you understand the matter wholly, and work with you to reach the best outcome for you.

Who We Are

Withstand Lawyers is a team of highly qualified professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. If you want to get a divorce lawyer based in Parramatta who excels in terms of theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience needed to help their clients, Withstand Lawyers is your firm. We possess years of experience with the most sensitive cases, and we have learned how to build evidence in favour of our clients. Our divorce lawyers in our offices in Parramatta, Sydney and Brisbane will go the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

We at Withstand Lawyers understand that going through a divorce can be an excruciating experience, so we aim to take you through the entire process as quickly and painlessly as possible – all while ensuring you communicate your needs clearly for a better chance to delivering the optimal outcome.

Best Divorce Lawyers in Parramatta

Our legal professionals are passionate about law, but also about you understanding law. We believe that any complex matter can be explained in a simple way, and that is what we do with our clients. Our take is that the more involved and informed the client is, the better chances are for success. Our outstanding record of happy clients shows we are right, which makes us a team of best divorce lawyers in Parramatta. Our service is professional, yet friendly, because we know that you will need to feel comfortable with us in this difficult time.

At Withstand Lawyers we pride ourselves on working as a team, and there will always be at least two members of staff who work on your matter.

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All our new clients are greeted with free legal consultation when they book their first appointment. To find yourself a representative from our Parramatta office, call Withstand Lawyers at 1800 644 541, email us at info@withstandlawyers.com.au or send an online inquiry. Book your appointment today and we will see you soon so you can tell us about the particular divorce issues you might be having.

Our Parramatta Location

Withstand Lawyers Parramatta Office is located in Ross St in Parramatta’s CBD. There is a conveniently located car park in Victoria St (Entrada Car Park), which is accessed through the entrance on Ross St.

The address of the office is Suite 107, Level 1, 18-20 Ross St, Parramatta NSW 2150.

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