An affidavit is a written statement provided by a witness or a party and is used in court as evidence. A signed affidavit has to be filed at the court and a copy needs to be provided to every person involved in the case.

All lawyers working on the case need to obtain a copy.

All parties involved in the case need to obtain a copy.

Preparing Affidavit

The Family Court already has an affidavit form a lawyer can fill in with details of a specific case. An individual can prepare their own affidavit, but to ensure you structure and file the paperwork as expected, it is best to consult with a legal professional.

Withstand Lawyers are the most reputable team of licensed legal professionals who have years of experience practicing family law. We are at your service to assist you with all case specifics, including writing and filing family law affidavit. Owing to our extensive knowledge and the work we have done over the years we know exactly what needs to be included in an affidavit.

Key points

An affidavit should contain a list of short statements relevant to the case.

All statements should be enumerated.

Each new statement should follow the previous one logically.

All statements need to list facts.

All statements need to be ernest and true.

An affidavit can be separated into sections containing logically grouped statements.

All pages of an affidavit have to be signed at the bottom in a presence of a witness.

But you do not have to be keep in mind all the specifics, as it is better to consults with a professional family lawyer and have them prepare all the documentation.

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