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Withstand Lawyers prides itself with its team of experts in the field of family law. We have always strived to hire the most qualified professionals, but we are also aware of the need for the continuous education. That is why we continue to encourage them to further their development and never stop improving.

Since family law in Australia is a vast field, including the common law and laws of equity which affect the family and the relationship between those people, we employ a range of professionals with different expertise. Be it a divorce, child responsibility, property dispute or something else – you are in good hands. The lawyers at Withstand Lawyers are passionate about building strong cases for their clients, and are confident in helping you understand the circumstances and possible obstacles to your desired outcome.

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Whatever your current issue that you would like to discuss with an expert in family law of Australia, we will make sure to connect you with the right person. Your representative will go through the case with you in a way that is understandable, even if you have had no other contact with law whatsoever. They will give you legal advice and the best step-by-step guidance through the process you are going through. Should there be need to present to court, your representative will equip you with the right attitude and knowledge to achieve the best outcome possible.

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