What is Family Mediation?

If your family dispute involves children, you and your former partner will almost always be required to attempt family mediation before going to court.

After attempting family mediation, both parties will be issued with a certificate that confirms your attendance and attempt to mediate, which then allows you to begin proceedings in court. This certificate is often referred to by legal practitioners as a Section 60I Certificate. You will be asked to provide a copy of the Section 60I Certificate at the beginning of your proceedings in court, with only a few exceptions in certain circumstances. Those circumstances are usually if the case is very urgent, or if child abuse or domestic violence is involved.

If you are involved in a property matter, you are not required to attend family mediation before starting a court application. However, it is possible that at some point you will be ordered by the court to undertake some form of mediation.

Do You Need to Undertake Mediation?

If you are unsure whether family mediation applies to you, contact your representative, who will explain the specifics of the case to you and determine whether, under the current family law, you need to attempt mediation.

We at Withstand Lawyers understand that the process can sometimes leave you puzzled, and we are here to help you go through it as smooth as possible. With our vast family law matters experience, we will know whether or not you have to attend mediation.

Information on counselling and mediation can be provided by Relationship Australia, a service that offers family mediation across Australia.

Call your representative at Withstand Lawyers today to discuss whether you are obliged under the family law to attend mediation. If you do not have a representative with us, call us at 1800 644 541, email us at info@withstandlawyers.com.au or send an online inquiry so we can assess your situation better. To welcome new clients, we will provide you with free family law advice.

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