We are a team of licensed legal experts with a large experience settling family law matters in court. Our lawyers at Withstand Lawyers are qualified professionals who are continuing their further education and are highly trained in family law matters. Having had the opportunity to deal with a range array of cases, they have learned how to build evidence in support of their clients and how to deliver the optimal outcome for them.

We Pride Ourselves at Making Matters Easy

Being equipped with both theoretical knowledge and years of practical experience, we understand that our clients are usually under a lot of pressure when in a situation to ask for our help. Furthermore, the Australian legal system is complex and hard to navigate. Because we know it like the back of our palm, we want you to understand it as well, and that’s why we will make sure you get the grasp of a complex situation in a way that’s simple and concise.

Free Consultation

Here at Withstand Lawyers, we welcome all potential clients by offering free family law advice. When you book the appointment with us, one of our specialists will see you in consultation where you can let us know about your specific circumstances. We will provide free family law advice and help you understand any issues you are having difficulty with.

Call Withstand Lawyers today at 1800 644 541, email us at info@withstandlawyers.com.au or send an online inquiry so we can assess your situation better. Also bear in mind that we are happy to discuss the fees upfront so you know what the costs are. Nevertheless, you can count on us to provide you with free family law advice, no matter what specific issues you are facing.

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