Can I Share My Legal Process on Facebook?

In modern day and age, we live online. It is easy to develop a habit of posting our everyday struggles and wins, big and small, for our friends and family to see. But sometimes this can be a problem. We’re not talking just about the situations when your great-aunt sees something you wouldn’t tell her in family lunch, but also those when you could be breaking the law. If you’re an avid Facebook poster in the middle of separation or divorce, read on to find out how to maintain safe and legal behaviour online.

Know When Not to Click “Publish”

According to the Section 121 of the Family Law Act, you cannot publish details of Family Court proceedings where the publication identifies the parties or other matters. More simply, it means that you are not allowed to post those details on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. In fact, it is an indictable offence against section 121 of the Family Law Act to:

  • publish in a newspaper of periodical publication, or
  • by radio broadcast or television or other electronic means. You might be surprised, but this also includes text messages besides internet, Facebook Twitter and other social media;
  • or otherwise disseminate relevant information to the public or a section of the public.

Your breach of this section is punishable upon conviction by imprisonment for not more than one year. You certainly don’t want this, so be careful about your tweets!

But Maybe You Really, Really Want to Publish Something?

There are exceptions where the publication will not be an offence against section 121 of the Family Law Act. That still doesn’t mean you should sharpen your keyboard and write away. The exceptions are mainly related to evidence to use in connection with the proceedings concerned, and the such. If you do have any questions about this matter, though, be sure to contact your legal representative, or a certified and reputable family lawyer who will have the answers to your inquiries.

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