Divorce and separation are never the easiest experiences you will have gone through in the course of your life. Quite the contrary, it can be a traumatic ordeal and put a lot of pressure on you. In such circumstances, it is easy to forget important practical and legal issues that can have great and long-lasting effect. Some people just fail to consider this, and they’re not to blame. If you’re going through a separation, hiring a reliable and trustworthy separation lawyer may spare you from a lot of hassle later on. We at Withstand Lawyers can help you navigate the circumstances you have found yourself in, and guide you through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

There is no formal process for separation for married or de facto couples in Australia, but there is a number of consequences borne by separation, such as property settlement and child custody. Your representative will help you understand the exact circumstances of the matter, and work with you to reach your desirable outcome.

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Withstand Lawyers is a reputable law firm with offices in Sydney, Parramatta and Brisbane. Our team consists of highly trained legal professionals with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Having had years of experience in dealing with a variety of delicate cases, we know how to build a strong case in favour of our clients.

Even more important, however, is our determination to help our clients understand everything they need and want to know about their matter. We know the struggles of someone who is not trained in law, so we ensure that no questions our client may have stay unanswered. Your separation lawyer will work closely with you to deliver you the best solution possible.

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If you are going through separation and would appreciate legal advice, contact Withstand Lawyers so we can book an appointment with you and assign you a separation lawyer who will provide you with appropriate legal advice about your rights.

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