Are you navigating the brutal waters of divorce and wishing things were more understandable and less complex? You have come to the right place. Here at Withstand Lawyers, we pride ourselves on our outstanding record of satisfied clients who have gone through the divorce process smoothly, while ensuring they get their best possible outcome.

Who We Are

Withstand Lawyers consist of a team of licensed legal professionals with years of experience settling family disputes in court. Our team is diverse both in terms of our specialties and our backgrounds, but our common trait is possessing both theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to help every one of our clients. Over the years, Withstand Lawyers have had the opportunity to deal with some of the most intricate cases, where we learned how to build evidence in support of our clients. We work hard to reach the optimal outcome for our clients.

Our Sydney- and Brisbane-based divorce lawyers will be more than happy to help you understand the peculiarities of your situation, together with providing you with a roadmap of your options and advised routes.

Why Withstand Lawyers

We have dealt with some of the most complex matters and cases, but we believe the more complex the case, the simpler our advice to our clients should be. We will ensure you understand exactly your situation as it is, as well as the complex legal terminology, because it is important to us that we are on the same page.

Call our office today at 1800 644 541 to get an appointment with one of the best Sydney or Brisbane divorce lawyers. Alternatively, email us at or send an online inquiry so we can assess your situation better. As a welcome for our new clients, we offer free consultation where our experts will provide you with free legal advice.

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