This is a carer visa which allows non-Australians who are either offshore or onshore on temporary visas to care for Australians on a permanent basis. If successful, the applicant is granted a Permanent Visa.


Like all visas, there are eligibility requirements that apply. The following relatives are eligible to sponsor for the Carer Visa:

  1. Parent
  2. Child
  3. Siblings
  4. Aunts & uncles
  5. Nieces & nephews
  6. Grandchildren or grandparents.

The above can include half and step-relatives. Should you not meet the above requirements but believe are still genuinely eligible by way of a compelling reasons you may still have a right. Contact us to enquire and we will let you know.

Another eligibility requirement is that a health assessment deems that the Australian requiring the care has a significant impairment which requires such care for at least 2 years. In addition, you also need to prove that no one also can reasonable provide such care to the Australian sponsor.

The above process can seem complicated and difficult however we have the knowledge and experience to resolve your complications by navigating through the law and procedure on your behalf.

For more information relating to the above and more, feel free to contact our office for a free initial phone consultation with our immigration lawyers and agents and we will inform you whether you have reasonable prospects of success.


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