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Withstand Lawyers has a team of experienced compensation lawyers and immigration lawyers with offices in Melbourne. Our lawyers and migration agents understand the complexities of the law and explain it simply enough for you to understand. This will give you the confidence for you to make the best decision.

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Our immigration lawyer Melbourne office is conveniently located at Collins Square, Level 17, 727 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3008.

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Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm

Key Services

We can assist you in our Melbourne CBD office with all immigration services including:

·      TPD claim

·      Skilled visas

·      Partner visas

·      Family visas

·      Visa refusal appeals

·      Visa cancellations

·      Employer sponsorship

·      Permanent residency and citizenship

Our migration agents and migration lawyers are also happy to travel all distances to your home or business if you’re unable to make it to our Melbourne CBD office.


Work Visas in Melbourne

Melbourne has a highly diversified growing economy that challenges Sydney as the country’s biggest economy with particular strengths in finance, manufacturing, research, IT, education, logistics, transportation and tourism. Melbourne welcomes skilled migrants from all over the world with the qualifications, skills and experience thanks to the Skilled Migration Visas.


Student Visas in Melbourne

Melbourne is ranked the 3rd best city to study according to the ‘QS Best Student Cities ranking’ thanks to its internationally diverse population, vibrant culture and friendly locals. More than 200,000 students are enrolled in Melbourne at 12 Australian Universities. Australia is generous to provide scholarships and the government offers a wide range of study options. With the Student Visa students can study in Australia whilst working up to 20 hours per week. After completing their studies, students can generally apply for the Graduate Visa which allows them to work full-time.


Partner Visas in Melbourne

Melbourne is the second most populous city of Australia by 4.9 million people and the population increases by 3.5% growth rate. If you want to migrate to Melbourne from overseas and want to live with your partner in Melbourne, you can apply for offshore Partner Visa. If you are in Australia, you can directly apply for onshore Partner Visa and remain in Australia.


Visa Refusal Appeals in Melbourne

If your visa application has been refused you will be given a notice, including whether the decision can be reviewed. At that time, you may be eligible to either review the refusal or apply for another visa, so if you find yourself in this situation you need to act quickly because the time to have the application reviewed will be limited.


Visa Cancellation in Melbourne

If your visa is at a risk of being cancelled, the Department of Home Affairs will first send you a notice of intention to cancel (NOIC) and ask you to comment on this. You need to act quickly because your time to respond is limited and if you do not send the appropriate information and evidence, the decision will be made based on the information which the Department has which may lead to your visa being cancelled. Withstand Lawyers specialises in immigration law and we can help with your matter, so please contact our lawyers or book a free consultation.


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