What is Permanent Residency?

An Australian permanent resident is someone who holds a permanent residency (PR) visa. They can live, work and study without restriction in Australia. A permanent resident has most of the rights and entitlements of an Australian citizen. The most common permanent residency visas include family visas, skilled visas and employer sponsorship visas.


What are the requirements of Permanent Residency?

Permanent Residency can be obtained via multiple visa. Requirements can be seen on specific visa pages such as;


What are the benefits of Permanent Residency?

  • You can live and travel anywhere within Australia
  • You can study higher education in Australia and can apply for certain educational loans
  • You may be eligible for certain Social Security benefits
  • You can sponsor your relatives for PR visa if they meet the eligibility requirements
  • You can apply for government jobs


What is the difference between an Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship?


If a permanent resident chooses to travel overseas, they need to ensure that they have a permanent visa with a valid travel authority if they want to return to Australia as a permanent resident. However, an Australian citizen always has a right of entry to Australia.


In most cases, permanent residents cannot vote however an Australian citizen can vote in Australian Government elections.

Government services

Eligibility for Australian government services and benefits, for both citizens and non-citizens, is the responsibility of the government agency with policy responsibility for the service or benefit.


What are the costs of Permanent Residency?

The Department of Home Affairs’ visa determines the cost of the visa according to the subclasses. Prices vary depending on the visa that you apply.


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