Please explain – What is a Total and Permanent Disability Claim (TPD Claim)?

It’s a claim that is made if you’re unable to work due to medical illness or injury regardless of fault, for a period of at least six (6) months. It is important to know that each Superannuation Policy may differ in definition.

Generally, making a TPD claim applies regardless of how the injury occurred. To do this, we will need to prove medical condition and your incapacity to work, which we will obtain on your behalf.

To be eligible for TPD, a member must:

  1. have ceased active employment because of medical condition or injury (either psychologically of physically); and
  2. be under 65 years of age on the date of ceasing active employment; and
  3. have a TPD insurance policy in place on the date of ceasing active employment.

So, if you are unable to work or unable to perform your duties due to a medical illness, injury or disease, for a period of at least six (6) months, then you may be eligible to claim a lump sum payment which could range anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

In assessing and assisting your entitlement Withstand Lawyers will look at your possibility of returning to active employment.

What will be taken into account?

  1. your prospects of returning to the labour market;
  2. your transferable skills; and
  3. the practical likelihood of you as a member getting back into employment.

How long must you be off work to be able to claim?

Usually the time period before being eligible to make a claim is 6 months however this depends what fund you were/ are with.

Things you should know

It doesn’t matter what the medical condition is from or whether it is your fault. However, it can get complicated and there are restrictions and thresholds to be eligible to claim-  contact Withstand Lawyers for a free claims assessment.

TPD Claims Process

In order to make a claim, we will:

  1. Contact your Superannuation Fund in order to confirm TPD is included in your policy. (Unfortunately, some members did not have that included in their policy). We ensure you avoid the hassle by finding this out for you.
  1. Request your policy from the Superannuation Fund and begin collecting medical evidence and liaising with third parties including your treating practitioners. We will request they complete the necessary medical statements to attach in support of your claim.

Why Withstand Lawyers?

Withstand Lawyers strives to relieve you from the headache and financial burden that follows a serious injury. With strong lawyers on your side, your claim will be handled with diligence and care.

Our reputation as a professional, reputable and ambitious law firm, with a high success rate of claims is based on our simple formula:

  1. Listen clearly in identifying issues
  2. Actually understand and not just listen whilst providing advice in the simplest terms.
  3. Provide expert advice with utmost detail whilst ensuring client actually understands the advice.
  4. Apply the relevant law with ambition, dedication and patience.

Regardless what other sides throw at us; we do not give up if we believe there are reasonable prospects of success.

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