The Short Stay Activity Visa allows applicants like highly skilled professionals, sports persons, entertainers, journalists, motivational speakers, guest celebrities, ministers, or artists to visit Australia for short term periods ranging from 1 week to 3 months. The visa also allows the applicant to apply for family members and relatives to come to Australia as dependents by including them in the visa application.

The process for the grant of a 400 visa does not require the applicant to be sponsored or nominated.The applicant must, however, be able to demonstrate that they have been invited by an organisation that is lawfully operating in Australia or have the support of their proposed employer in Australia, as the case may be. In general, applicants for this visa are not able to receive salary, wages or other remuneration for participation in an event from a party in Australia other than the reimbursement of reasonable expenses, appearance fees, or prize money. However, the prohibition on receiving remuneration in Australia does not preclude a 400 visa holder from being paid by their overseas employer while undertaking the activity in Australia.

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must

  • Be invited by an organization that is lawfully operating in Australia
  • Be invited to perform work that is highly skilled or otherwise highly specialised and non-ongoing
  • Be invited to participate in non-ongoing cultural, sports, or social activities which are concluded within the period of stay requested
  • Have highly specialised skills, knowledge or experience that can assist Australian business and cannot reasonably be found in the Australian labour market
  • Not receive salary or wages in Australia unless under the Highly Specialised Work stream
  • Be able to demonstrate that they have adequate means to support themselves or access to adequate means of support for the duration of their stay in Australia
  • Not exceed 3 months of stay in Australia unless the Department of Immigration determines the purpose of stay warrants a longer period

Eligible Categories of applicant

  • Highly specialised workers who cannot reasonably be sourced in Australia
  • Sports persons participating in specific events or touring as part of a sports team
  • Entertainers attending specific promotional events
  • Journalists(photo-journalists), correspondents or reporters covering specific event(s) i.e. cricket series or G20, for news organisations
  • Academics seeking to undertake research, guest lectures or motivational speakers
  • Ministers conducting a religious service or other religious activities
  • Artists holding exhibitions of their work in Australia

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