Immigration Agents

Immigration agents assist you regarding up-to-date current laws and procedures. They need to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) on a yearly basis and they also need to undertake 10 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses per year.


What does a migration agent do?

Withstand Lawyers have a team of registered immigration agents and lawyers who are able to draft visa applications, assist applicants with visa applications, review relevant and necessary documents as supporting evidence to visa applications and lodge your visa application with the Department of Home Affairs. As a registered migration agent, we can also lodge your visa application on your behalf and also communicate with the Department. Lastly, we can also appear in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) in the unfortunate event of your visa application being refused. Our senior immigration lawyers and senior immigration agents service are located in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Melbourne CBD.


Do I need an immigration agent?

Australian Immigration Law is a complex law and process which is not only difficult but also dynamic. The law and procedure that we know today may change tomorrow. As an immigration agent, we can help you with advice, preparation, monitoring and lodging your visa. That way, you will be sure about your application process and confident with the visa application


Visa types that Withstand Lawyers handles

We are immigration agents and also immigration lawyers that can support you with the best service with the following visas:

Our immigration agents are up to date on all recent developments which have the potential effects on your visa application or end goal. Our expertise in navigating through the rivers of migration laws and procedure makes our service comforting to your important and exciting process.

  • We make it look easy for you, and explain it in concise language.
  • We do it step-by-step, one step at a time.
  • We make sure you understand what we are talking about.
  • We make you focus on your application, not the complexity of the process


Frequently Asked Questions Immigration Agents

Should I use a migration agent?

Using a migration agent is not mandatory in Australia but if you do not have a legal background, applying for a visa can be risky. A wrong application may lead to visa refusal and may cost much greater than the cost of an immigration agent. Not only the cost but also a refusal could mean you must leave the country if you do not apply for review and you are not on another substantive visa. If you choose to apply with a registered migration agent, they can assist you with your application from start through the end of the process including evidence collection, preparing and lodging. That would minimise your stress while waiting for your visa outcome.

What types of services can a migration agent provide?

A migration agent is authorised to provide advice about the assessment of visa options, visa entitlements, conditions, and information about the visa application process. Immigration agents can assist you to prepare and appeal a visa application.

Additionally, migration agents can assist you to meet visa requirements, such as skills assessments, State and Territory nominations, character and police checks. If you have a special case or you need a special service, you can tell our immigration lawyers about your case and ask what can be done about your plan, application process and estimated processing time.

Who can give immigration advice in Australia?

Registered migration agents can give reliable immigration advice as they:

  • have sound and up-to-date knowledge of Australia’s immigration law and procedures
  • are bound to act in your legitimate interests and give you accurate advice through the MARA Code of Conduct
  • are authorised to represent you and tell you about your possible visa outcome.

Can I talk to an Australian registered migration agent if I am not in Australia?

Yes, at Withstand Lawyers we have online meeting options for our clients who are overseas or not able to visit one of our offices in Parramatta, Sydney and Melbourne. You can email us, call us or fill the form to meet with one of our registered migration agents

Can I get a free consultation with a registered immigration agent in Australia?

Our registered immigration agents in Parramatta, Sydney and Melbourne provide a free initial consultation for our clients, so you can reach us for the initial free consultation for your immigration case.

How can I find an immigration agent?

It is really important to work with a registered immigration agent. You can use the Migration Agents Registration Authority website to find a registered immigration agent or you can directly reach us to talk to one of our registered migration agents in Parramatta, Sydney and Melbourne.


Why choose Withstand Lawyers?

At Withstand Lawyers we have made the visa application process easier and faster for all clients. Our firm specialises in immigration law and has experienced senior immigration lawyers and senior agents. The team at Withstand Lawyers is approachable and committed to providing a personalised assistance, so please book a meeting online or call us on 1800 952 9010

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