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Withstand Lawyers are a full-service immigration firm with vast experience in all areas of immigration law. Withstand Lawyers comprises of senior immigration lawyers and senior immigration agents who have come together from the largest law firms in Australia. With us, you will be able to navigate the stream with confidence until you reach your goal.

Our senior Immigration lawyers and senior immigration agents service are located in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Melbourne CBD.


Do I need an immigration lawyer?

Australian Immigration Law is a complex law and process which is not only difficult but also dynamic. The law and procedure that we know today may not be the same tomorrow. An immigration agent is not the same as an immigration lawyer, as an immigration lawyer is able to appear and represent you in court should the need arise. This is because they need to obtain many more qualifications, standards and go through more procedures.


Visa types that Withstand Lawyers offer

Why not have the best representation from the start for the same price. Our immigration lawyers are also immigration agents to support you with the best service.

Withstand Lawyers are up to date on all recent developments which have potential effects on your visa application or end goal. Our expertise in navigating through the rivers of migration laws and procedure makes our service comforting to your important and exciting process.

  • We make it look easy for you, and explain it in concise language.
  • We do it step-by-step, one sure step at a time.
  • We make sure you understand what we’re talking about.
  • We make you focus on your application, not the complexity of the process


How much does it cost for an immigration lawyer?

Immigration lawyers are able to appear on your behalf in court whilst registered migration agents are not. However, that does not mean immigration lawyers are necessarily more expensive. Each visa requires a different amount of work and service. Rest assured though, our immigration lawyers who are highly experienced and specialised provide fixed fees before starting on your application. That gives you peace of mind in knowing that you will not be charged on an hourly rate based on estimates but rather certainty before going ahead.


What information you will need to apply for a visa?

For making a visa application you must be sure that

  1. You lodge a complete application well in advance of your planned date of travel.
  2. You appoint an authorised person for the purposes of communication with the Home Affairs department.
  3. You provide a certified translation of documents which are not in English.


Why choose Withstand Lawyers?

At Withstand Lawyers we have made visa application process easier and faster for many clients. Our firm specialises in immigration law and has experienced legal professionals and resources required to provide you with the guidance and representation that is needed to ensure you reach your immigration goals. The team at Withstand Lawyers is approachable and committed to providing a personalised service, so please book a meeting online or call us on 1800 952 901


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