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When your right or interest is disturbed, you need a law firm to inform you of your legal and procedural options.

Withstand Lawyers is a solid law firm which thrives in breaking down complex legal issues in a simple manner for its clients to feel empowered and at ease.



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Every lawyer at Withstand Lawyers is focused on your needs, be it in family law, compensation, immigration, superannuation and TPD claims.

We will explain the law to you the simplest way we can. Add to that the competent, prompt and efficient way we’ll handle your case.

Problem-Solving Lawyers for Sydney and Beyond

If you don’t know how to face your challenges, don’t attempt to solve them by yourself, leave the complexities to the best. We want you to experience peace of mind, and will:

  • Help you make informed decisions by simplifying legal terms,
  • Assist you as you navigate your options so you feel confident of your position in an out-of- court settlement, and
  • Employ aggressive but ethical representation to urgently protect your rights and interests if your case proceeds to court.

We value your time and your trust. So when you’re experiencing catch 22s, we’ll make the law down-to-earth so you can make the right decisions. Are there urgent matters you need to address?

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Success Formula

Our reputation as a professional, reliable and ambitious law firm, with a very high success rate of our claims, is based on our simple formula:

Listen clearly in identifying issues

Actually understand and not just listen whilst providing advice in the simplest terms

Provide expert advice with utmost detail whilst ensuring client actually understand the advice

Apply the relevant legal issue with ambition, dedication and patience.

No Win, No Fee Guarantee*