Motor Accident Compensation Lawyers Penrith
Under the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) scheme in New South Wales, you are entitled to claim compensation if you were injured in a road accident involving a motor vehicle. Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to certain benefits including income support payments and medical expenses. Withstand’s experienced motor accident lawyers based in Penrith can help you at any stage of your claim, offering advice on what benefits you can receive.

Public Liability Compensation Lawyers Penrith

If you were injured in a public place or private property and are not sure whether you can be eligible for making a public liability claim, our lawyers in Penrith can help you. Public liability claims can be confusing because it may not always be easy to determine negligence in an accident without legal support. The Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) sets out certain criteria to assess if an injury can be attributed to someone else’s negligence.


Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance Compensation Lawyers Penrith

Senior lawyers at Withstand can help you with your TPD claim by informing you about the eligibility of your condition for making a claim and what type of benefits you are entitled to. The TPD payout amounts lie somewhere in between $70,000 and $2,000,000 for extreme cases. You may benefit from a TPD compensation lawyer’s knowledge and experience in anticipating achievable benefits related to your case.


Medical Negligence Lawyers Penrith

 There may be many scenarios that medical negligence should be determined: medical treatment causing a person to sustain a physical or mental injury, cosmetic surgery malpractice, false diagnosis, and so on. Experienced medical negligence lawyers of Withstand can offer you tailored advice on your case based on peer medical views. Contact our Penrith office to get legal support on your medical negligence claim.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I hire a compensation lawyer?

A compensation lawyer can assess your situation from different angles and offer tailored advice on what benefits could be achieved. An expert lawyer can also break down the claim making procedures for you and clarify your mind on what needs to be done. Also, sometimes it may not be possible to reach a settlement with the insurer, or your claim can be rejected by them on certain grounds. Our compensation lawyers based in Penrith will lead you if disputes arise with the insurer.


How can I make a claim in Penrith?

Compensation claims should usually be made in certain time limits, therefore it is best you start claiming process as soon as possible. After being injured, try to seek medical advice immediately, so that you can get the medical proof of your injury. If applicable, you should support your claim with evidence of the accident and submit it together with the claim form.

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How much does a compensation lawyer charge?

Our expert lawyers work on a no win no fee basis, which means you do not have to pay legal fees unless your claim is achieved. Also, in NSW all legal fees deriving from workers compensation claims are covered by WIRO (Workers Compensation Independent Review Office) regardless of the success of your claim. That means you do not pay for our legal costs and disbursements which adds to peace of mind as to why you should hire a lawyer.


Do I need to be in Penrith to make a compensation claim?

Regardless of where you are located or where the accident occurred, our lawyers specialised in compensation claims and conveniently located in Penrith, Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool and Wollongong can help you.


What should I ask a compensation lawyer?

There are no stupid questions so feel free to ask what you want. However as a tip we would recommend you ask the prospects of success of your claim, what documents are required to support your claim, how long it will take to finalise your claim and the costs and disbursements involved, if any.


No win no fee injury compensation lawyers Penrith

Our firm operates on a no win no fee policy which means unless you get compensation, we do not get paid legal costs or disbursements. That does not include matters relating to workers compensation claims as our costs and disbursements are covered under WIRO which means you do not pay for our costs and disbursements even if you do get compensation as our costs and disbursements are covered regardless. So please fill in the form or call us on 1800 952 898

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