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If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident as a driver, biker, motorbike rider, or pedestrian you may claim compensation for your losses arising from your injury and obtain benefits like income support payments, medical expenses and a lump sum payment under the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) scheme in New South Wales. Our skilled personal injury lawyers service our Wollongong clients by providing you with insight into what benefits you may achieve and how to claim them.

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Public Liability Compensation Lawyers Wollongong

According to the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW), you may be entitled to compensation if you were injured due to some other person’s negligence in a public place. Knowing whether your case is eligible for making a public liability claim may not always be easy. Our public liability personal injury lawyers located in Wollongong can clarify your mind on this, as well as guiding you about all the legal steps that should be taken.


TPD Claim Lawyers Wollongong

In NSW, the lump sum payments from a TPD claim change between $70,000 and $2,000,000 for extreme cases, which is a very wide range. Our TPD lawyers who have an office in Wollongong can offer excellent advice on whether you are eligible, how much you can claim and how to claim  depending on your specific situation and policy. Our TPD lawyers can also offer guidance in case your claim is refused by the fund.


Medical Negligence Lawyers Wollongong

You can visit Withstand Lawyers’ Wollongong office if you were injured due to medical treatment and would like to know your legal rights and achievable benefits arising from your injury. In some situations, determining medical negligence can be difficult and require professional knowledge. Our medical negligence lawyers can obtain peer medical reviews in order to offer you the best advice on claiming compensation due to the medical negligence


Why should I hire a compensation lawyer?

Knowing where your claim stands within a legal framework will clear your mind and ease the claim making process for you.  Our senior persona injury lawyers only work in workers compensation, public liability, motor vehicle accidents, TPD and medical negligence claims. That means that our lawyers are up to date and are very well versed to provide you with clear advice on how to best make a compensation claim.

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How can I make a claim in Wollongong?

Compensation claims should usually be made in certain time limits, therefore it is best if you start claiming process as soon as possible. After being injured, try to seek medical treatment immediately, so that you can get the medical proof of your injury. If applicable, you should support your claim with evidence of the accident and submit it together with the claim form.


How much does a compensation lawyer charge in Wollongong?

Our experienced personal injury lawyers work on a no win no fee basis, therefore you do not have to pay legal costs and disbursement unless  you receive compensation. Also, in NSW all legal costs and disbursements arising from workers compensation claims are covered by WIRO (Workers Compensation Independent Review Office) regardless of the success of your claim. That means you do not pay for our legal costs and disbursements from your compensation if you have a workers compensation claim.


Do I need to be in Wollongong to make a compensation claim?

Regardless of where you are located or where the accident occurred in NSW our lawyers service and can assist clients in Wollongong.


What should I ask a compensation lawyer?

It is very important to ask a compensation lawyer as many questions as possible to ensure you fully understand the chances of success, entitlements, process, time limits and expectations. We recommend you ask a compensation lawyer what your chances are, what your entitlements are, whether there are any strict time limits that apply and what you should expect in the process.

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No Win No Fee Lawyers

No Win No Fee means that if you do not win you will not be liable to pay for our legal costs and disbursements. We will only recover our costs and disbursements from your compensation claim upon the successful resolution of your claim. In order to book a free claim assessment you can fill in the form or call us on 1800 952 898

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