Want to know our 3 top tips on how to win a personal injury claim? Our personal injury lawyers have prepared a brief blog based on their experiences from previous claims before they were a client of Withstand Lawyers.


1. Understand what you can claim and what you can’t

Sounds simple right? Although it does sound simple, it is overwhelmingly missed in claims we take on before us. If you as the client don’t understand then how can you and your lawyer be certain all of your potential losses are being claimed correctly? That’s why our personal injury lawyers pride ourselves in breaking down the law for out clients to understand what their entitled to and how to claim those entitlements.


2. Evidence, evidence and evidence.

Again that may sound simple but it is amazing to see many compensation claims lack evidence for two reasons. Either the injured client can’t provide it or unfortunately the injured client was not told the importance of it and what evidence is required. To achieve the best possible result and maximum compensation, you need to prove what you claim with evidence. Whether it’s factual or medical, evidence is one of the most significant missteps we see in poorly managed claims.

3. Expectations

The simple yet powerful word. Ensure you understand what your compensation claim is actually worth, before rejecting a reasonable offer and proceeding all the way. Just because your claim proceeds, doesn’t mean your compensation entitlement will. What definitely does increases is the legal fees due to your compensation claim continuing. Of course there are many situations when it is important to reject offers and continue until the end, however, do it based on knowledge and expectations rather than emotions.


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