Month: October 2021

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Knee Injury Compensation Claims

Knee injuries may occur at a workplace accident, car accident, or due to slip and fall. According to Safe Work Australia, work-related knee injuries such as torn tendons, torn meniscus, patella-femoral pain syndrome, and ligament strain are the most common knee injuries. If you have had a knee injury you may be entitled to compensation …

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Pain and Suffering Compensation

Pain and suffering refers to emotional and/or physical pain/stress caused by an injury and/or accident. These injuries are non-minor injuries and they are critical components of a compensation claim. This article will guide you on how pain and suffering applies in personal injury claims. Since each claim is unique and there are different types, it …

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Can I retire while on workers compensation?

What happens to my workers’ compensation payment when I reach the retirement age? If you have been receiving weekly payments through your workers’ compensation claim and you have reached retirement age, you can continue receiving weekly payments for up to one more year. Additionally, medical expenses are paid up to 12 months from when an …

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Catastrophic Injury Compensation

Catastropic injuries like paralysis, limb loss, spinal damage, and brain damage drastically impact people’s lives. Many victims become unable to work or need to take care of themselves as they require permanent medical treatment. Medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other costs of a catastrophic personal injury may be covered where someone else’s carelessness or wrongdoing caused the damage. …

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