Month: March 2022

worker measuring construction

Fingertip Amputation Compensation Claims

According to Safe Work Australia, finger amputations are the most common hand and wrist injuries. Sharp-edged equipment, machinery and vehicle accidents cause finger amputations, crushed fingers, finger tendon injuries and carpal tunnel injuries. If you have suffered a finger injury, depending on how the injury occurred, you might be entitled to various compensation benefits. If …

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Foot and Toe Injury Compensation Claims

Each year more than 23,000 people suffer from foot injuries in Australia. The most common reasons for foot and toe injuries are workplace accidents, slip & falls, and motor vehicle accidents; these injuries include but are not limited to toe amputations, broken toes, and crushed feet. Feet and toe injuries may have a dramatic effect …

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Workers Compensation for Casual Employees in NSW

Workers compensation, formerly known WorkCover, is a form of insurance to support injured employees when they are injured or become ill in the course of employment. 1 out of 5 employees are casual workers and they have the highest work-related injury rates in Australia according to Safe Work Australia. Are casual employees entitled to workers …

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