Workers compensation and exempt workers

Exempt workers are certain classes of workers who are not covered by the most of the provisions of the workers compensation acts in New South Wales (NSW) and are thus subject to different practice in terms of workers compensation. Police officers, paramedics and firefighters are considered exempt workers within the compensation scheme of NSW. Exempt… Read more »

Workers compensation for medical expenses

Workers compensation medical expenses When injured during the course of employment, workers may be eligible to receive compensation under work health and safety laws in New South Wales and become entitled to various benefits including medical and rehabilitation expenses. The medical expenses that can be covered by the employer/insurer should be “reasonably necessary” and may… Read more »

When does a worker become eligible to claim lump sum compensation?

Workers compensation lump sum payments in NSW In New South Wales, when a worker sustains an injury during the course of employment, physically or psychologically, he/she can claim compensation for losses arising from the injury. Workers compensation benefits that an injured worker can claim include income support for lost earnings, medical and rehabilitation expenses, and… Read more »

Workplace Injury: Legal Perspective

What is a workplace injury from a legal perspective? A workplace injury is a physical or psychological/psychiatric injury as a result of negligence, unsafe work practices or inadequate training. More specifically, injuries or illnesses stemming from risky equipment, chemically contaminated environment, repetitive or difficult body movements and psychological or emotional trauma caused by discriminating, culturally… Read more »

Withstand Lawyers on Channel 7 News

Withstand Lawyers was interviewed by Channel 7 News to discuss the migration law changes, statistics and community diversity. Member of the Gandhi Institute also contributed by stating “You are accepted you are welcomed, that’s why I like being here”. Robert Lu, Senior Registered Migration Agent of Withstand Lawyers, mentions that “If you look at the… Read more »